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Please add your comments about cataracts here

FYI wrote:

For more information on cataracts, possible treatments, recommend calling a board certified veterinary ophthalmologist. These individuals are highly trained in treatment of eye disease in animals. You may locate the name of someone in your area by logging on to ACVO (American College of Veterinary Ophthalmology) website. The ophthalmologist or one of their technicians will be the best source for answers to all the questions I have read listed below. There is written information regarding cataracts as well.

Pamela Burr wrote:

Please would anybody contact me and tell me whether the operation for cataracts in dogs is successful. My little dog has diabetes, and has recently gone blind, and I now have to think about whether to operate or not. To put you in the picture.....I have a husband who has had a bad stroke, he cannot walk or talk, and I have to care for him. I have three other dogs as well. On top of this I work to make ends meet. So you see, I am not in the position to just throw money away if the operation is not successful. My Email address is Thanks to everyone. God Bless.

Jean wrote:

My miniature poodle Darlington has cataracts in both eyes. If anyone has any info on opthamolagists that do the surgery in New York {Albany area}or any nearby states please contact me ASAP.Please include the cost if known.Also very interested in hearing from people that have had the surgery done on poodles or other small dogs.THANX TO ALL THAT TAKE THE TIME TO WRITE!!! wrote:

If after operations on both it possible to get them again?

maggie Harpur wrote:

our little toy poodle was diagnosed with diebetes in September 2004. He has developed cataracts and cannot see. Can these be treated and if so how much does it cost? Thank you

Saseru wrote:

I'm doing a project thing on cataracts with my friend Glo.

Margaret Kimmer wrote:

My 3 year old dachsund has a cataract due to an eye injury. I opened the closet door and it hit him in the eye. The eye doctor doesn't want to or feel the need to remove it. Any reason why it shouldn't be removed that you know of. Thankyou.



Mina wrote:

I am looking for Nu eyes drops treatment which avoids cataract surgery. and I read that these drops helps the patients 100% Please advise me.Thank you

Bell wrote:

Is there a vet that removes cataracs from dogs?

gillian wrote:

I wrote about 2 months ago reguarding my little dog mickey. Well, we've decided to go ahead with the surgery (both eyes} and it will be done dec.6/o4. The doctor says Mickey vision will likely dramatically improve. I will keep you posted. 12/03/04

Joe Smith wrote:

We used ocuzyme eye drops with our mother and not work, we try for 8 months and our mother dont see any change, and this product is very expansive $ 75.00 for dropper !!!

Ken wrote:

none wrote:

Need all info asap to dissolve cataracts from golden retriever. God Bless you and your angel dogs

Reesi wrote:

Golden retriever just beginning stages of cattaracts need to act fast only 9 years old, trying say it can dissolve them I need a strong eye vitamin. Please give me all info you know. She is very strong and healthy Gods grace and love

laurie Rawlins wrote:

my min dauchand has a blue white fim over his rigft eye, do they develope it over night as I just noticed it.

ed wrote:

my e-mail is edj_123@hotmail

Ed wrote:

like to have info on cataracs for dogs-- does it dissolve- burn away- cause re-obsorbtion to take place?? what is the name of the product? where can I you ever tried Clay to draw out cataracs?

Rosebud wrote:

My 13 year old poodle came down with cateracts and the vet said she would adjust. We got her a young terrier that keeps her going. I would suggest another dog for your blind one as it has helped ours so much. We have noticed one eye last week has lost its white look and seems to be glass like now. Does anyone know if this is the next stage or total blidness. Thanks so much.

ann wrote:

is it possible for a 3 year old poodle to get cataracts



gail seymour wrote:

I got my dog cataract surgery in August. Yes it is expensive but worth ever penny! It is important to get the surgery asap because complication and infections can happen. I have a very happy9 year old dog who acts like a puppy. Going blind frightened him. I went to the Animal eye clinic in Bellingham and they give discount for Canadians.

Janine wrote:

Hi...I had a Bichon Fraise for almost 11 years..since she was a puppy. Her name was Snowball. She was the sweetest and cutest dog you could ever ask for. She was always full of life and ready to play and cuddle whenever needed. Snowball had gotten limes disease when she was 9 years old. We thought we got the whole tick out, but we were be careful to always check your dog! Snowball suddenly aged so quickly. She was always sleeping and her joints always hurt. Right before she turned 10 years old, she went totally blind in a matter of two days. She did not have cataracts or anything. She was also checked by the vet 2 weeks before. Her blindness came out of nowhere. Snowball was good and she adjusted very fast. We were amazed. We helped her out in every way we could. By moving funiture around, and taking plants and statues off the floor. Snowy had her good and bad days... Some days she was very well, just like a puppy. Other days...we did not know what to do with her, she was in so much pain. The poor thing could not get up. She screamed on the top of her lungs. She had no idea what was going on. We tried everything we could possibly do. We felt too bad though. Snowy was in pain and suffering. So we had no choice but to put her to sleep 2 weeks ago. It was not fair to keep her around just because we want her. We needed to do what was best for her. I miss her so much. The vets feel it was either the limes that made her so sick and made her go blind, or that she might have had a tumor. My advice for anyone... please take special care of your pets. Always check their skin and fur for ticks, and do anything you can do to help them live an extra special life.

Corinne wrote:

I have read most of the postings here, problem is that they are not dated, kind of have to guess time frame in relation to other letters that state some sort of date. I have a Lhasa who is 7 and is newly blinded by diabetic cataracts. I am considering cataract surgery and have not heard about any alternatives or how they work. Spaz's cataracts are very opaque, or mature, even tho he has not had them that long. Anyone have the surgery done, comments, can reply to me at replies only please......11/15/04

veronica wrote:

help with cataracts at age 1

Divinepeak wrote:

Does anyone know if removing cataracts can improve your vision if you wear glasses?

Doreen Penner wrote:

I recently had my eyes tested. I was told that cateracts were starting to form. Is there a alternative to surgery.

sherry wrote:


Lea wrote:

My 11 months old son was dignosed with cataracts. Is it safe for him to undergo surgery?

john wrote:

Our 13 year old retriever has just had his second eye removed after cataract surgery, although sucessfull for a day, it reversed and he developed glaucoma. We did try Bright eyes on the cataract before going for surgery but it did not work. We used it for six months. We have the consolation that we have our beautifull dog back home with us even with both eyes stiched up. Amazing how he still looks to chase his stones which we use to throw for him. I am sure after a few more weeks he will astound us with his ability to get around. All dogs will react positively if you keep loving them unconditionally as they do to you.

Sophie wrote:

He does get on with my three cats though.Is another dog going to cause problems...

Sophie wrote:

My dog went blind about a year ago(cataracs)but now he keeps bumping into things. we though a puppy friend might be a good idea. Do you?

Carolann wrote:

I am at wits end trying to do everything I possibly can to help my Pommerian (Harley) get his eyesight back because he developed cataracts after being diagnosed in February with diabetis. He came down with a case of pancreatis and since has lost his eyesight due to the cataracts. I've read about this Jade Tree Plant extract that dissolves cataracts, but nobody seems to know the exact recipe for this and if there are any side affects by using this remedy. Could some one please email me with any positive remedys to help Harley with his cataracts and let me know if your dog regained his eyesight with any home remedy that you yourself have used to reverse this terrible afflection. Does anyone have the exact recipe for this Jade Plant Extract and which plant of the Jade family is most effective. Your help would be appreciated emmensely. Thank You!! My email addy is put Cataract Help in the Subject area so I will be sure to read your email as I get many emails per day and generally just go down the list to delete without reading if they have no interest to me.

Steve wrote:

If Ethos brite eyes really work, why dont show pictures of animals treated with this product ?, I use this product in my poodle for 6 months and don`t work this company just try to make money with our pets.

gillian wrote:

My little Llasopoo is nearly 12 and is totally blind due to cataracts. Is it feasible to have the surgery done on a dog at this age? Most people have told me "no", that it is too much money for a dog that age. The vet did not suggest it when he told me "Mickey" had cataracts last year, nor did he tell me he would go blind so quickly. I've read that dogs adjust really well to blindness but I don't think "Mick" agrees with this. I would like to hear from anyone who has had the surgery done one their older dog. Mickey is going to the vet tomorrow for a physical, to make sure he is healthy in all other respects, before I take him to an eye specialist. So I would really like some input on your experiences. Contact me at

Alternative Answer wrote:

You can now purchase Ethos Bright Eyes, Cataracts eye drops which can be used on both humans and animals. is 100% hypoallergenic and 100% Sterile... *Bright Eyes* is free of animal ingredients and may be freely used by vegetarians... Bright Eyes is safe and suitable for use on pets and other animals... Bright Eyes is safe for use by diabetics and is compatible with all antidiabetic drugs... Visit:

Judith F. wrote:

My 9 to 11 yr. old Lhasa Apso mix (not sure of his age as I adopted him from the SPCA in 1998) has developed cataracts in both eyes. My Vet says she is against surgery and suggests I just let him go blind. I live in Nova Scotia and the nearest place where surgery could be performed would be at the Veterinary College in Prince Edward Island at a cost of approximately $3,000. I cannot just sit by and watch him go blind so I have been searching the internet like mad looking for alternative remedies. His sight, at the present time, seems to be fine but there is a bluish opaqness to his eyes. Please, can anyone on this site help me? I welcome any and all suggestions. My email address is

Leslie wrote:

Can anyone help me find a way to help my dogs eyes??

Leslie wrote:

Hi! My 6 y/o Lab was just recently diagnosised a diabetic and now is losing his site. Do you know how much cataract surgery is?? could anyone e-mail me if they know?? Thanks

roger wrote:

sherry and charlie, please let me now your e-mail to send very important information.

sherry wrote:

I have a 6year old dog that has cteract in both eyes, were can i find a hospital to have them removed?

charlie (again!) wrote:

i'v ejust had another look down the page and haveheard people talking about jade tree-where can i get that from and most importantly does it work? how do i use it etc... Please email me back at if you have any info on it.Thank you for your help :)

charlie wrote:

my dog has cataract in both of his eyes i don't wan't him to have surgery, is there an alternative?

Leas wrote:

I think that we should be able to help them with any thing that they ask for. We should ask the people around us, even if we do not know them we should ask them for their help

miri wrote:

Roger...whats the name of the solution at Petvision and does it help to dissolve the cataracts in the dogs eye..thanks for your help

miri wrote:

hi does the medication at Petvision remove the cataract? will it help him to see better or anyone knows of anything, alternative meds. that will help..I see below they are talking about Jade tree..where do we get that? thanks for the help

miri wrote:

it makes me sad to see my puppy grow old cant see properly and there is nothing I can do about it Miriam

Steve wrote:

PetVision™ eye drops help to: •Reduce the opacity in the eye lens and assist in maintaining its clarity. •And is highly effective and safe for relief of pet eye irritation and dryness. and the cost of PetVision™ is $ 44.95 usd + shipping, for more information visit the web site wrote:

i am gathering information on catracts and so am not familiar with theJade tree, i would be gratful if i culd get some detailed information on it. any other treatment for cataract to avoid surgery.

gwen wrote:

How do you make the jade tree extract? I know you boil the leaves in water, but do you use the water you boiled the leaves in of squeeze the actual jade leaves for the extract? Please respond asap. Thanks. g

Flo wrote:

Like humans can a dog get an operation for Cataracts eg. laser regards Flo

Kristie wrote:

I called on the price for PetVision eye drops and almost swallowed my tongue! $125.00 a bottle, one bottle is suppose to last a month.

Angela wrote:

My precious baby boy, Taz, has developed cataracs quickly since being diagnosed with diabetes in May '04. It is tearing me apart to watch this once fun loving playful yorkie bump into things and not be able to look at me when I talk to him. We were told today that he will have to wait 6 months before surgery because the cataracs are not mature enough - the poor baby CAN'T SEE!!!! how much more mature do they have to get? And then we were told that it would cost $1800 per eye and we would have to go to Nashville, TN! I am devistated. If I knew this would truly help him I would do it in a heart beat, but we were told that it is not sure that they can help him, plus he will have to endure all types of tests. My husband and I do not have any children so Taz and his brother Tigger are all we have. If anyone has any info on surgeons in the Southern Indiana/Louisville, Kentucky area would you plesae e-mail me at NO SALES "CALLS" PLEASE!!!! wrote:

i was told if cataracs were removed that dogs would suffer great pain forever. please clear this up . my e-mail address is above. thank you

Marie wrote:

I need the price for PetVision eye drops? who can help me.

Roger wrote:

tom, check the web site and see the patients treated with PetVision eye drops, this product really work, if you have any question send a email to:

tom wrote:

my lab has cataracts in both of her eyes. i am concerned because she has been blind for about 2 years. Tango (dog), is 11-13 years of age. I can not afford surgery and i have heard about eye drops. Do they really help the eyesight of dogs? Thanks for your time! Tom

Roger wrote:

I used PetVision eye drops for 2 months with exelents results in my beagle, and this product is not expansive, you can contact this company at: Roger

emilio robledo wrote:

Please check the web site: They have a new ophthalmic product to reduce the cataracts in companion pets ( dogs and cats ), the name of this product is PetVision, and reduce the catarct size very fast. Regards Emilio

Tracy wrote:

I have a 10 month old Newfoundland who had an eye infection, in 4 days (while on medication from the vet) he has developed a cataract and they say will soon be blind in that eye. They have no explaination as to why this happened. Any idea as to affordable treatment?

Joe wrote:

My dog has developed cataracts and I cannot afford surgery. I read in this collection about eye drops from the Jade plant. Is the "Crassula argentea" the right Jade plant specie to use? Thanks for your help.

Rocquebichon wrote:

I need your help, please!!!! Are there any alternative treatments to surgery for cataracts? i have a 6 year old bichon that has been on Prednilosone all of his life and the vet thinks that is the cause. I've heard about NuEyes drops and pureed carrots. Do you recommend surgery? Sounds very serious to me. Thanks for your help!

Aubrey and Tiffany wrote: wrote:

My dog she ,i think is starting to get catarcts because i saw on July 25 a medium size gray spot in the corner of her eye.Is that s sign of catarcts?

Peath wrote:

My bichon has a mature cataract and is getting some retina detachment in his left eye. Any idea how much sight he has remaining and if surgery can preserve what little he has? Thanks :)

Peath wrote:

Dear Dixie: My 2-1/2 yr old bichon just developed cataracts, almost overnight. A dr. can operate to remove the cloudiness and replace the lens if the cataract is in the immature or mature stage, so DON'T WAIT to have this checked. Once the cataract has reached the mature stage, there may already be additional damage to the eye that would keep the cataract surgery from being helpful to the dogs over all sight. I'm sceptical about the drops and jade extract as the lens and cataract material are enclosed in a sac in the eye behind the cornea. Where does the disolved material go? There is a clinic here in Washington state that specializes in animal eyes. They are in Olympia and it would cost approx.$1500-1750 for one eye. $2500-3,000 for both at once and double the one eye cost if the eyes can not be done together. There are also additiona office visit costs, medicines and an ultrasound so add at least another $500-$700 for those. Expensive, but less than for humans. Best of luck. Please feel free to keep in touch at :)

Layla wrote:

My dog has eye problems

sherry wrote:

where can we find a veteranarian to remove cataracs from our dogs eye

Brenda wrote:

I need the formula for the Jade Tree Extract treatment for canine cataracts. I need any information that you might have on studies of this treatment. I have a 12 1/2 year old Lhaso Apso that was diagnosed with diabetes in May of 2004. She was started on Huminl L, 9 units of insulin. She was getting a cataract on one eye before she was diagnosed diabetic, but since then she has rapidly developed a cataract on the other eye. I am afraid that she is going blind quickly. I need to know this formula as soon as possible, with any background history of it's success and possible side effects. My landline number is toll free: 1-877-538-0939 or email:

michele wrote:

Puppy went blind about 2 years ago. He is a cocapoo. The truely amazing thing about it is that he is and has adjusted so well to this medical condition. His blindness comes and goes, some days he sees more light than other days. The days when he is most blind are the most difficult for his human family. He bumps into walls and trees. I think it hurts us more than it does him. I have heard that surgery for cataracts is very evxpensive, does any one know?, wrote:

my e-mail:-

Charlie77 wrote:

I had a cataract operation I am UK resident. If I had waited I could have had it free under the health system. I could not wait as my eyes were not good enough for driving so I had to have it done privately. I went into hospital at 1100 hrs and settled in a private ward. I did not hav e to remove any clothes. Every hour I had drops put into my eye. I was told they were to clean my eye and make it sterile. At about 1500 I was taken to the theatre. I was settled on a comfortable adjustable bed and the anathetist put anethetic drops in my eye. My other eye was covered and a very bright light was shone into my eye. I could feel nothing at all, just see a bright light in the eye being attended to. I had no distress at all and after about 25 minutes I was done and taken back to the ward. I stayed for about another hour or so, when I was given some drops and dressing. I had a cup of tea and walked home, about a mile and a half. No pain except the cost. £2300. I will give any information I can, from the patients point of view. I am not a health profesional

Cassandra wrote:

My dog Miranda is a pitbull/lab. I love her so much!! See has just recently gone blind (1 year ago) and she is so depressed that she just lies all day and barely ever moves. I try to get her excited about going out for a walk ...what she used to love sooo much and she barely even lifts her head. Everntually she reluctantly gets up. She used to be so energetic, proud and fiesty..the ruler of the block. Now she just bumps into things and looks so sad it breaks my heart! I don't have much money but I'm willing to get a loan for surgery. How much does catarac surgury cost and where can I find someone to do it affordabley and effectively? (Please some one good!!!) I live in Redondo Beach, California.

brett wrote:

my 8 year old lab that developed diabetes in jan 04 and now has cataracts. i was wanting to know wich type of jade plant you use.I have look for jade plant but their is a few differnt ones.

Alternative Answer wrote:

Forget cataract surgery, Ethos *Bright Eyes* is an amazing 100% natural product for those concerned about eye problems visit >>>

Jack wrote:

How is catarac surgery performed

Patti wrote:

My dog is starting to get a small amount of haze deep into her eyes. I had a cocker that's eyes turned real white and he went blind. What is this and how can I can slow down the process?

john jones wrote:

very effective

TWINKIE wrote:


Dr. Mark A. Babizhayev wrote:

The efficacious N-acetylcarnosine eye drops formula patented by Innovative Vision Products,Inc. is now available with the clinically demonstrated efficacy to dissolve cataracts in dogs without surgery during 3 months of treatment. The N-acetylcarnosine eye drops are available at the sites : Wholesales Parties are Welcome

whoofer wrote:

I have a golden retriever 1 year old that has developed cateratcts. is there anything I can do to get rid of them. My vet said they are not impairng her vision.

DOUGLAS wrote:


Franzy wrote:

My mom's Maltese who is approx. 8 developed a catarac in one eye in a matter of 2 days. It is very white versus clear. Is that normal. I am also considering the Bright Eyes drops. Do they really work?

karena wrote:

What is Cataracts for adults

wulfmadien wrote:

my 9 yr old wolf/malamute has just been diagnosed with diabeties.he was in a vet hospital for 3 days and nights.Now i need help manageing his insulin.can you help me find a vet who will take payments,as it cost $900.00 for the hospital,and am now broke and out of a job. THANKS

Jordan wrote:

could someone tell me about the jade plant extraction? how to prepare it, how often and the amounts that you would apply to the eyes. it is for a 8 year old fox terrior with cataracs.

Toby wrote:

My 11 year old Miniature Schnauzer, Beau, has been diagnosed with Diabetes and went completly blind in a matter of days. I am trying the jade plant extraction method beginning 12/April/04...let's hope it works!

joe wrote:

just looking

Alternative Answer wrote:

A natural alternative to catarcts surgery is now available worldwide. *Bright Eyes* is 100% hypoallergenic and 100% Sterile... *Bright Eyes* is free of animal ingredients and may be freely used by vegetarians... Bright Eyes is safe and suitable for use on pets and other animals... Bright Eyes is safe for use by diabetics and is compatible with all antidiabetic drugs... Bright Eyes is safe for use by people with cataract... Bright Eyes is safe for use by people with glaucoma... 30% saving to all members. Buy online at

Serenity558 wrote:

I want to be an opthimoologist and use alot of mediations

David wrote:

The Bright eyes eye drops can help get rid of the cataracts.. It is safer and costs less.. try or

Kay wrote:

I have a cocapoo that has cataracts in both eyes. What can be done and how much does it cost?

debra lipton wrote:

how much does catarac surgery cost?

Susi Meyer wrote:

Hi Kurt. This site might be a U.S source not sure though. Susi

Kurt vager wrote:

My cousin told me about it.. It was in a UK Newspaper called the Daily Mail. It is called Brighteyes and can be purchased online at

David Dwight wrote:

In the UK there is a new product being featured on T.V that is curing Cataracts.. It has also been in the top UK newspaper.. It works on People and Animals. If anyone would like further information I am willing to call them . my email is Kindest regards David Dwight

glenda wrote:

i want to about cataracts

tripaw wrote:

Where would I find information on Vet. Opthamologist's in New England. Also, where would I find information on cataract removal by laser surgery for dogs?

Emma wrote:

My dog has been diagnosed with cataracts @ age of 8. She has diabetes and the op to remove the cataracts is going to cost alot more than I have so I am exploring alternative methods. Could Joan Maxymuik please advise of exact detils of using the jade plant as I am very interested?

Joan Maxymuik wrote:

My dog Chester who died at 13 years was a poodle and developed cataracts when he was nine. A friend told me to apply drops to his eyes with an eye dropper from a Jade plant leaf that had been brought to a boil and the juice squeezed out. We did and the results were amazing. After three days of doing it twice a day the cataract desolved and fell right off of his eye. We continued with a maintenance program till his death four years later

Jessica wrote:

My 13 year old Border named Sasha has developed cataracts in both eyes but has no other eye problems (retina etc.) and looks like a good candidate for surgery. I'm looking for an estimate of surgery cost (both eyes) in Canada (Toronto specifically). Pls. post a response if you can.

DIXIE wrote:

EMAIL US AT, if you have any comments or advice about our Bichon and her troubles with cateracts; and what you know about eye removal or medicines that can help. Or if we should wait or see the specialist right away. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

DIXIE wrote:


eddie wrote:

My female cocker recently got a catarac but its very metallic looking. she only got it in one eye and in like a matter of only a couple of months. Could this be diet relateed/ She is on the Beneful dog food.

Jane wrote:

looking for info on cataracts. My dog is 12 and has them.

abi wrote:

Hi my name is abi and i have a staffy cross kelpie called titan, hes only 10 weeks old and has just been diagnosed with caterarts in both eyes,in the three weeks of having him he has also been fighting off pavo. i was just wondering if the stress of that could cause cateracts.also ive heard that when dogs come from the ponnd they should be properly vet checked, is this something they should have picked up in their check?

jessie wrote:

my husband has macular degeeration of the eyes also cateracs. he has a licence to drive. i want to know if he can still drive.?

j. armstrong wrote:

could you tell me if you can drve a car with this desease aj.?

trish wrote:

my 9 yr old lab was diagnosed with diabetes just 6 months ago and has already developed cataracts in both eyes. she is completely blind. we saw a dog eye specialist here in ohio2/26/04. my dog seems to be a good candidate for surgery with a good outcome. it will cost $3,000 for both eyes though. i'm just starting tonight to research this topic. we will pay for the surgery if it is the best for our dog, but i've never read anything about blind dogs before today. i've ordered a great book and will read that. i would welcome any comments or advise from anyone who has had a similar experience. we still have to get her diabetes completely regulated prior to surgery, so we have a little time to decide. but my heart is breaking watching my beloved dog bump into everything now and so forth. thanks for any advise.

maryluwo wrote:

If an elederly 82 yr. old woman has one prosthetic eye, and a caract in other, how risky would surgery be for her?

Poppy's Mum wrote:

For you owners who feel devastated by the news that your dear friend is soon to be blind, well I had that awful experience 1 year ago. Poppy (toy poodle) is now totally blind, but she has adapted remarkedly to this fact. People who don't realise she is blind are quite amazed at her sensitivity to touch and sound. She is a very happy little dog who plays, lets herself outside via the catdoor for her bathroom needs, and easily goes for walks on her lead. So take heart, your canine friend will still be all they have been and more.

Rene McCarthy wrote:

My Lhasa Aposo, an eleven year old female has cataracts coming on her eyes. We can see them at times and the vet also saw them at her last visit in Dec. She seems in fairly good health now. Has had surgery on both hind legs and I grind her dog food after blood in her stools. Have not seen a problem since I started grinding the food.

mole wrote:

i was born with cataracts and my life is hell

lesley wrote:

a friend ask me to look for a solution that he has heard about that helps get rid of cataracts any idea's?

Helen wrote:

My 2 yr old black lab has just been diagnosed with cataracts, I am so upset, my vet said he would be totally blind by the age of six. Looking back down this message board, David Crystal mentioned that some eye drops used for human use may be suitable for dogs? Is this the bright eye solution? How would I find out? Any help greatly appreciated.

sweetie wrote:

dogs really do cope just fine being blind. their other senses are sharp so they have no problem navigating through the house, especially if they have lived there their whole life!

Tinta's mom wrote:

I've had a cocker for about 2 weeks now that I got from the animal shelter. I named her Tinta cuz it means ink in Spanish and she is all black. I took her to the vet and he told me that she is about a year old and she has cataracts in both eyes. The vet said Tinta can see shadows but not really see. I'm keeping her though cuz she is so sweet. The vet said that any operation on her eyes couldn't guarantee she would get her eyesight back.

Joy Culbertson wrote:

Please comment regarding my 3 yr. old Jack Russell. I forgot to include my e-mail address in my last comment. Thankyou.

Joy Culbertson wrote:

My 3yr. old male Jack Russell Terrior has a fully developed catarac on one eye & has another forming on the other eye. Is this common with this breed? How successful is surgery in order to keep him from losing his sight? Any comments will be appreciated.

ward wrote:

where do I get information ?

Alternative Answer wrote:

Read the Daily Mail article about the amazing Ethos Bright Eyes, that dissolves cataracts. No need for surgery.

David Crystal MCOptom DipTp wrote:

David Crystal MCOptom DipTp wrote:

A human eye drop for the treatment of cataract will possibly work on dogs too.

greenlady wrote:

I'm researching cataracts and mispelled the word and came up with a possible cure! I'm facing cataract surgery and am going to try the alternative. It's a drop of flaxseed oil in the eye (along with a bunch of eye-healthy foods). I'm going to try a drop each night in each eye after I determine that I'm not alergic to flaxseed oil. Will get back to you in a few weeks on the results. Well, that's my thought for the day.

Lisa wrote:

My mums dog has cataracts and I was hoping maybe someone could tell us how much it would be to cure him? wrote:

my pomeranian dog is 10 years old and has cataracts in both eyes. I dont know if i should pay for the expensive surgery. is it worth it at this point of his wonderful hurts me to see him this way since he is always full of life and running around. he is trying to adjust. Any suggestions?

Joe B wrote:

Please emal any comments

Joe B. wrote:

My lab has been on insulin for almost 1 yr. we like everyone wants to do what ever possible to make him as normal sa possible he is 7 going on 8 I've been told the diabites will probably shorten his life but I'm going to do anything to see he has a long life. We are still trying to get him regulated he has just started his insulin upped to 45 twice per day he is also showing signs of cateracts. My question is does anyone have any suggestions on what else I can do. I probably will have eye surgery if needed is this usually successful?? Please let me know what any of you may have to coment on.

cherie ( wrote:

How can you take care of a blind and DEAF dog? My bosses cocker has already lost one eye to glaucoma and now may lose theother and he is deaf.

Charlotte wrote:

You must look at this product its results are showing it melts away cataracts. Hope it helps you all.

Jessica wrote:

Cataracts are normal but hated wrote:

Anyone as cheap prices or any ways to get around the expensive cost of getting the cataracs removed... Anywhere near NJ or PA? wrote:

Anybody wants to try a herbal eye drop that may cure cataracts in animals? wrote:

Anybody wants to try a herbal eye drop that may cure cataracts in animals?

Girly wrote:

Hi..our shitzu has cataracs. You can look into your dogs eyes and see that the pupil is not black anymore..but a blue color. We will take our dog to Ames Iowa to get her eyes fixed when it is time at 1500 dollars an eye. Alot of money, but if your dog is active it is the least we can do for our pets who have given nothing but unconditional love. We will have to tighten our budget when the time comes...but even a part time job until the bill is paid would be worth it to me to see her happy face when she "SEES" me...Girly

kesia wrote:

i am doing a school project help me please

Chippy wrote:

My email is if anyone has a dog with cataracts that is also having fits. as he bangs into things sometimes I thought this may be the cause. Please email me, Beverley Chippys Mum

Chippy wrote:

I have a little Terrier x who has cataracts I think now he is almost completely blind, he is 9 yrs old. But as long as he stays at home with me he seems to cope ok.But lately he has started taking small fits, they only last seconds but are worrying can anyone help please.

greg clemens wrote:

My dog is 10 years+ and can barley see. She is Diabetic. Can youy give me an estement on the price? I know this is asking alot of you , B But I'm Afraid she will go blind!! THANKS CLEM

jim marteen wrote:

I have develpoed catarac, it is in beginning stages. Should I wait or have immediate surgery?

JackH wrote:

I have been told that cataracs are starting, what are the costs of surgery?

jata wrote:

please explain what cataracts is.

jata wrote:

please explain what cataracts is.

frances wrote:

yes i am schedualed for cataract surgery and implants the 19th of nov what is the out come for me great i hope wrote:

Hi everyone. I had read your comments and mostly are in dire need of help for cataracts disease. Just wondering whether anyone would like to try a new eye drop made from traditional herbs ( all natural) that MAY be used in curring cataracts and other eye diseases in animals and human.( still in research stage) I do know that cataract operation cost a hole in the pocket and if you are interested to test out this product (at your own risk) for a sum do write to me. No harm trying if all avenues are exhausted. We have tested on humans that faced cataract problems on a trial basis and found that within a month or less of usage ( results depending on individual) the cataract was reduced and even cured. (Users do beware. Use at own risk) wrote:


Claudia Barengo wrote:

Do you know of an intern or teaching college that would remove dog cataracs cheaper? How much does that surgery cost normally? I live near Chicago. wrote:

Is there Vitamins or new kind of drug / eye drop for a dog that would have cataract. My moms small dog is 9 yrs old and she would not beableto aford to have the operation on the dog i was hoppingto find somthing in an eye drop form that could help him. please if any one had any infromation that might help. I really need some i am not sure what to so next. thanks

lynn wrote:

I suffer from night blindness and my eye doctor says this is not possible

little spots mom wrote:

i need information on my dogs eyes, we have taken her to numerous vets and been given steroids, antibiotics, creams, drops, just about everything for her eyes and she still has big cloudy spots on both her eyes.she seem to be able to see just fine anyone know

Adiana wrote:

You have no pictures what so ever! I need pictures to do my school report wrote:

my australian cattle dog has cataracts does anyone know of any vets that do this surgery in jacksonville,florida. wrote:

my australian cattle dog has cataracts does anyone know of any vets that do this surgery in jacksonville,florida.

SHYLA wrote:


Elovelylisa wrote:

I have a dog, she has cataracts on both eyes, I was hoping if someone knows of a vet in NYC that wont charge an arm and a leg for this surgery, please help me??

Carmencita wrote:

dogs eye cataracs inf request

Robie Barker wrote:

Is the surgery dangerous? Is the surgery always successful? How long does the implant last?

john hipp wrote:

looking for help for my dogs eyes

john hipp wrote:

looking for help for my dogs eyes wrote:

Looking for a vet to remove 2 cataracts from my beagle's eyes. How much does it cost? Does it differ from state to state? I live in Massachusetts.

jane meny wrote:

how much would it cost to remove two cataracts from my westies eyes? and how dangerous would it be if he already has diabites and also addisons dieases?

Brenda Monteith wrote:

Can surgery be done on a dog with cataracts

Ginger wrote:

I had cataract surgery 2 years ago on both eyes. The Dr. later told me that the cataracts had grown back and had to be zapped with a lazer--which he did. It did not improve anything and I have had nothing but trouble since I went to this quack. He has just lost his license to practice and he is beig sued. Dr. David Chase, Vt. Has anyone ever heard of a second cataract growing in? Thanks

JOHN wrote:


carol wrote:

I have a diabetic dog with cateracts. I'm looking for a Vet. around the Springfield, Mo. area to removed at least one of them for a reasonable price. She had back surgery a year ago in Feb.that cost me fourteen hundred dollars. I just cannot afford to pay much.

Pat Pat wrote:

My left eye is becoming very blurred. I have been told that I have cataracs in both eyes, but should not be concerned at this point. I believe that now I have a problem. Is catarac surgery safe?

pang pang wrote:

I'd like to get to the info about cataracts

jane doe wrote:

just wanted to know how the a cataract grows?

Andrea wrote:

my maltese that is 2 yrs. old has cateracts in both eyes and i dont know what to do about them. i have gone to an eye specialist but the odds of having a good outcome of the surgury is not good. what should i do?

Leslie Sievers wrote:

I've looked through the internet to buy a sharpai, not having much luck, any idea?

yanti wrote:




Donna wrote:

I have a 2 year old Boston Terrier with cataracts. I am researching cataract surgery and would love to talk to a Boston owner that has been through it. Please e-mail me at if you can help. Thanks Donna Calgary, Canada

mrchip wrote:

I have a 9 yr old mid-size cocker spaniel with cataracs. I've been told that it would cost about $1,200 for one eye to be done and about $1,750 for both eyes at the same time. For those of us who can't afford this kind of expense, is there an alternative, or help out there somewhere?

poco wrote:

Need to know what to do for my chiwawa's cataract.

Ms Nazrin Khoshkhoo wrote:

I am looking for the herb called Blue Flag in loose form.

bud wrote:

I have a friend online who said he had catarac surgery and now his vision comes and goes. Do you know what could cause this?

roseman wrote:

our sharpai has one eye. the eye has a cataract too. we are afraid to do anything about it. I think its from the eyelid with the fur rubbing against it that had formed a callous. any suggestions?

Frankie wrote:

How much is it *roughly* for a cataract to be removed from a little Dashund? if someone could contact me as i dont usually come on this site i would be grateful. Thanks!

george jetson wrote:

I'm 45 and was digagnosed with a cararate in my left eye today! Please help

tresa dunsworth wrote:

i cant aford to have surgery for my poodle my poodle is 10 years old

tresa dunsworth wrote:

i cant aford to have surgery for my poodle my poodle is 10 years old

tresa dunsworth wrote:

i cant aford to have surgery for my poodle my poodle is 10 years old

tresa dunsworth wrote:

my poodle has cataracts what should i do

Deanne wrote:

My 11 month old toy poodle has been diagnosed with juneville cataract. I cannot afford the 2000.00 surgery and was wondering if anyone knows of any pet charities or anyone has had it done cheaper in the Houston area. I just feel heartbroken that he has his whole life ahead of him and he will be blind. email me at Thanks

rob in denver wrote:

How do I find out about the costs, the availability, and the proper Dr. to go to for the surgery? My dog is an 11 year old Border Collie that is an Eplileptic and takes 15 grains of Phenol Barbitol daily. Could this be a possible cause or is it just old age. If you can answer these questions I bet that I could find some more answers also. Thank You

Chancey's Mom wrote:

I have a 9week old puppy that has cataracts forming and I am wanting to know of some natural medicines that I try to improve her vision on so the cataracts down. Thanks

angie wrote:

Do cataracts appear suddenly within months? re: yorkshire terrier, 10 yrs. Difference between cataracts and glaucoma? To Spencer, to help the liver and digestive system, I have found Medical Hypoallergenic dog food which may only be purchased from a vet. Also, a dincture called blue flag, two drops of vitamin E per 10 lbs and vitamin C. Serving your pet 4 small meals daily, and don't forget to soften the kibbles with water until very soft. Hope this will help, it is certainly worth a try. Good Luck. c

Dianna wrote:

In St. Louis, MO the cost is 1000-1700 for both eyes. I will and you should check with Vet colleges in your state, probably much cheaper. The specialist in STL does not want to do just one eye and Skippy has only one cataract and is only 5 years old. I am investigating our state vet school. Will let you know. Some info states that cataracts should be removed because of future eye damage, conflicting information.

Sandy wrote:

I have a 10 year old Italian Greyhound (Krystal,queen at anyone's home she deigns to visit.) I day I noticed her eye's had a blueish-gray opaqueness. In my heart I knew she was getting catarac's. I just did not want to face it. 1. because she was aging and that eventually led to death. 2. I didn't realize there were Dr.'s who speacilized in "eye care for animals". Fast forward 2 months, I have found a Dr. who will assess Kystal's condition I am sorry to say I was correct. Krystal has catarac's in both eyes. However, she is a good candidate for catarac surgery. Unfortunately I would have to get a 2nd mortage on my home to pay for it. I sobbed for day's. I'm not sure which is worse, getting the diagnosis or watching Krystal bump into things. Either way I am hearbroken. My husband and I have elected to wait 6 months before reassessment we want to have enough money saved to perform the surgery. Against our Vet's advise. Our Vet who is very good at his job, fears Krystal will only be with us 15 months max. I am already looking into grief support in my area. If there is not one, I will start one.

chloe wrote:

I have an one year old boston terrier, and went to the vet with concerns of her seeming to "sniff" her way around to find her toys and treats, some directly in front of her. After examining her eyes with a light he told me she had cateracts. There was no really visible film over the eyes, so I had no idea. Her pupils have always been blue since I brought her home, but I still don't know if thats the cateracts I see or just a breed fault. Now the next step is going to a canine opthimologist to see what he has to say. Thank you for all of your comments and stories, Now I have a rough idea of how costly this type of operation can be. This will help avoid sticker shock later on.

Wendy wrote:

I am in the Uk..i have a Yorkie dog whom is 7 and suffering with cateracts ..i have no idea there operation and if so how much..any info would be appreciated..

Karen wrote:

My 13 year old poodle has gone blind with cataracts in both eyes. She is scheduled for cataract surgery(with lenses) next Tuesday. The cost is $3,000 & the initial visit(approx $500) which includes eye exam and angiogram of the retina to be sure that the retina is not damaged and that the dog is a good candidate for the surgery.Your dog will also need pre-op cbc, chest x-ray, & electrocardiogram.(New Orleans)

Spencer wrote:

Could VERNE or C who commented below PLEASE write to me regarding the natural medicine. I am an Herbalist/Nutritionist who knows that this kind of thing works! I need to know specific info like what dry food is best for Liver and Digestive. I am already using the Eyebright tincture and it is helping! Verne and C or anybody with info on Natural med's please email me @

Spencer wrote:

My Mom is glad that she found this page! I am a 4 year old Bichon with Juevenille Cataracts in both eyes. Mom is trying everything possible to help me to see again. If you have any information on Natural Medicine or Diet, please email my Mom. Thanks!

Trudi wrote:

I am looking for a vet opthamologist in NE PA - I was just told that my 10 year old yorkie is developing cataracts. What is the success rate for surgery and what kind of price are we facing for the surgery?

Michelle wrote:

I have a mutt who is beginning to get cataracts in his eyes. I would like some information on how much it costs to get them removed. Also, if there are any other solutions out there, Please post them on this website. Thanks A LOT!! [ I live in Alabama]

julie wrote:

I am the one with the bichon who needs cataracts surgery in Idaho. Any info on surgons in the surrounding states would be helpful. The surgon in Idaho has quoted $2000.00 an eye. I can't afford both eyes at this price. E-mail info to

julie wrote:

i have a bichon with cataracts. We have been quoted 2000.00 per eye. I live in Idaho. Any helpful imformation would be greatly appriciated.

sships wrote:

I have a dog poodle with 2 catarcts, the operation is at least 1000.00 per eye, I live in the NYC area email me with any info on pet charities if you know who can help defray the cots., thanks a lot Stephanie

teresa wrote:

i'll like to kwon how much does cataract surgery cost?

c wrote:

update- To retard or remove cataract in pet: 1) administer laxative, dewormer; 2) switch to quality distilled water; 3) switch to quality dry food; 3) administer orally with plastic dropper or syringe (without needle) equal parts eyebright, bilberry, and golden seal herb extract tincture 2x daily for 5 months. Use only CAFFIENE-FREE product.

ach wrote:

we just got a 2 year old choc cocker. she has juvenile cataract in both eyes . one is worse than the other.we are looking into surgery.have no info yet on cost

kelli wrote:

iv had my dog ginger for four days now. she has a bad case of cataracts. The worse thing is shes only 6 years old. Anyone eles how has a dog with cataracts please email me at

Bethany R. porter wrote:

I have a cataracts since I was born. I want my cataracts out. Everytime I read,my eyes starting hurting me. I rest my eyes until it felt better. Then it came back.

at100uk wrote:

My dog Patch has recently become blind due to diabetes and I have been much comforted by your website that I have just discovered. As I do not know of anyone locally who has the same problems I as so grateful to read all of the information this excellent web site has. Thankyou

Donna and Spike wrote:

Spike has diabetes and this morning he went completey blind.I am still in shock but I think we are copeing faily well. Thank god for this site,with out it i was so lost.

Verne wrote:

I had catracts in both eyes. I was taking some pill from a heath food place and now they are completely gone. My eye doctor could not believe it , but stated my eyes are free from cataracts now

jg wrote:

aFTER EYE SURGERY for cataracts My close up vision has changed. I can't read close up as well as I could before. I have only had surgery on the left eye . If any one else has had any of the same problems , please let me know.

Carl Bredon wrote:

Hi!!!! Hoping any one out there can help me!!! My case is very similar to Lisa's I have also had laser surgery after a cataract opperation,My eyesight is exactly the same as before the eye operation, except I get an eye ache after adding eyedrops,I can't stop using the drop otherwise I can't see at all.I would be really, really grateful if anyone could tell me if I am able to have any futher operations on the eye I have no idea myself Thanks, Carl

Lisa wrote:

I recently had cateracts "treated", however there was a problem afterwards and i had to have laser surgery, now i have to use eyedrops and I have difficulty seeing if the light in a room changes, does any one know if my eye sight will deterate further?

Brenda wrote:

Walter, It is not uncommon to have blurred vision for a couple months after cataract surgery. This is normal. You won't even be able to get fitted for new glasses for quite a while due to this. Give it some time. Good luck!

Walter H. Schlobohm wrote:

I just offered some very important information that concerns a failure after cataract surgery to my left eye. I believe my letter did not go through. My eye surgeon on my Retinologist are very confused. Please contact me at I'm 84 years of age and am disabled. I'm losing the use of my legs. I don't want to use the use of my eyes. Please hear my story! Walter Schlobohm waltbyke@pacbell. net 831 688 2194

Walter Schlobohm wrote:

I had catarct surgery to my left eye on March 6. My Opthmoligist (?), Dr. Christen Allaman is very active in the field of eye surgery. I continue to encounter blurred vision in the left eye. From my standpoint, what I see from my left eye is exactly the distorted vision I hadencountered prior to surgery. Dr. Allaman referred me to Dr, Chen, Retiologist who did extensive eye photograghy. I have also Maculer degeneration. There is no bleeding. Today Dr. Chen told me me coould see no other distortion. Honestly ... What I see using my left eye is exactly what I experienced prior to surgery. Dr. Allaman assured me today He knows he got it all! Can you offer any suggestions? Is this unusual? Walter Schlobohm 831 688 2193

Penny wrote:

I'd investigate the cost of having both eyes done at may be less expensive. Such was the case with evisceration surgery for Buddy...good luck

Betty wrote:

My Yorkie just went Blind with cararacts. I investigated the cost of surgery and it would be a minimum of $1000 per eye. We are considering having one eye done, since at least she could see this way and it wouldn't be so hard on our tight budget. Does anyone have any comments on this surgery. If you have had it done I'd be interested in your comments. Thanks my e-mail is

Hug-Me Bostons wrote:

Some cataracts are just old age, and some are inheirted. Have your dogs eyes tested if you are concerned.

Dave wrote:

Test in the cataracts comments page.