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Many visitors to this page will still be reeling in shock at finding out they have a diabetic dog. 
Now to learn that your dog has impaired vision or has gone blind seems grossly unfair.
Blindness in dogs is NOT the end of their world, they adjust very well.
The pages are full of helpful tips for all blind or partially sighted dogs, whether they are diabetic or not.
The condition of the eyes of a dog with diabetes can however, be complicated by the diabetes itself.
These web pages are designed to help you get a better understanding of the disease canine diabetes.
We can all learn from each others experiences and everyone is welcome to share their thoughts and ideas.
Canine Diabetes is a serious disease, you should never substitute what you read or learn from others for the advice of your vet.
The idea of learning from others is to provide enough information to know the right questions to ask!

Whether your dog is sighted, partially sighted or blind they can still get pain and infection in the eyes.
It is important to try to regulate the diabetes in order to help the eyes and of course allow your dog to feel well again..
A dog with lots of sugar sloshing around in their blood can be prone to infection.
Sugar is ideal breeding ground for bacteria.
The risk of infection is increased in areas where there are body fluids such are the urinary tract and the eyes.
Many diabetic dogs suffer from UTI (urinary tract infection) and eye infections, and any kind of healing from wounds and or surgery can be hampered by diabetes.
At times trying to acheive diabetic regultation  can be very frustrating, you can be so close yet seem so far away.

There are many reasons why a dog with diabetes may not be regulated.
Here are a few of the reasons ~

bulletNewly diagnosed, still finding the right balance of insulin/food/exercise
bulletNot enough or too much insulin
bulletChange of insulin dose
bulletChange of insulin type
bulletInconsistent routine
bulletChange of routine
bulletChange of diet
bulletSomeone giving tit bits
bulletMedical reasons, such as Pancreatitis, Cushings or tumor.
bulletSickness, vomiting and diarrhoea.
bulletProgesterone levels in an unspayed bitch
bulletInsulin resistance.
bulletEffect of other medications.


If you know of any other reasons why a dogs diabetes may not be regulated, or other comments you may wish to add about your dog, please feel free to do so here please add them to the diabetes board

Please add your comments about diabetes here

bulldog wrote:

thank you wrote:

to whom it may concern, I am searching for answers... MY dog " CANDY " died 11-28-04 and i need to know why ? Candy was a fe-male dog part chaw-wa and part sit-sue. about 9 years old and was overweight she weighted 22 pounds. she was a healthy dog up to about 2 weeks ago. HER SYSTHEMS STARTED OUT WETTING ON THE LIVING FLOOR A LOT AND DRINKING LOTS OF WATER , SHE WOULD DRINK THE WHOLE BOWL LIKE SHE COULDN"T GET ENOUGH , AT THE TIME I NEVER THOUGHT A LOT ABOUT IT. sHE WAS SLEEPIMG UNDER A COMFORTER & I THOUGHT SHE WAS JUST GETTING HOT. AND DEVELOPING A BAD HABIT OF WETTING ON THE FLOOR WHICH SHE NEVER DID. THEN ABOUT A WEEK LATER SHE STARTED VOMITING. COULDN"T HOLD ANYTHING ON HER STOMACH STOPPED EATING AND WOULD THROW-UP ALL THE WAter she drank. that went on for 2 days and she died. i didn't under-stand how a healthy dog could get sick so quickly and die in 2 days but as i read your information on dibetes she had some symthems . i had a altopsy run and they said all her magor organs were fine she just had blood in her bowels is that also a sympthem ? and can dibetes hit and take out a dog so fast ????? I would like to know all the sympthems ... for peace of mind ......

gail seymour wrote:

Now there is Cataract surgery for diebetic dogs. diebetic dogs respond even better to surgery than a dog that is blind from heridity. I took my dog to the Animal eye clinic in Bellingham Washington. They give discount to Canadian.

joann tubiolo wrote:

My dog is 16 years old and has diabetes. Now she's going blind from cataracts. Eye pupil is almost all covered with green milky covering. She is under the doctors care. I was wondering if you can tell us exactly what she is seeing. We know she doesn't go down steps now, she seems a little disoriented at times and she barks when we walk near her in the dark. I know she is smelling for her food/treats, she is not seeing them. We now closed the steps off because we're afraid she may not see the landing and I also done leave her on the sofa any longer. Is it true they can't see depth? What can they see. Please help. Thank you.

Corinne wrote:

This is a good website for all of us going thru diabetes in our pets and the myriad of problems that come with it. My dog Spaz was diagnosed with diabetes this August and within a month's time, had severe cataracts in both eyes. I was not told by the vet to watch for this and it happened very quickly. There is much to learn and share. There is a great group on Yahoo, the blinddogs group, fantastic people sharing all types of stories, ideas, concerns about their dogs and blindness issues. It is a moderated group, which is great, and they stick to the topic, which is also great. I recently found that group and it has helped me to be able to reach out to others with similar needs. Good luck to all... 11/15/04

sarah wrote:

will any kind of lazer surgery help a blind dog with dietbetic retonopathy? if so what is the cost?

Heather wrote:

Improperly administering insulin injection-or injecting insulin into veins or muscles instead of fat.

Diane F wrote:

Pregnancy caused my dogs diabetes. She then got some bad insulin and developed pancreatitis. The vet gave her sugar drips without insulin so she further suffered the beginning of kidney and liver shutdown along with her white blood count passing 40,000. With reflexology and love, along with a great vet we managed to bring her levels to normal and she is now home but blind. Next week she will have laser eye surgery. Don't give up on your pets - they are wonderous creatures!

jesssands wrote:

My jrt dog has had diabetes for nearly 2 years now,he has 2 shots per day 6mm + 5mm and 4 meals, he is blind and deaf but I wish to reassure anyone reading this he is still a very happy boy. He will be 17 in april. Having said this, it is also worth remembering that every hour in britain a healthy dog is put to sleep because it has no home. I spend 40 a month keeping my boy going. sometimes I think about there might be a 2 year old dog in rescue that I could have saved if I hadn't kept my old boy going, after all, he has had a very long life. But I made the desision at the time and I am sticking to it..

Brad wrote:

The lack of exisise and bordem causing stress in a five year old Beagle can induce a Diabetes fault in the breed. My dog Benny may have these desease starting off with Pancretitis. The VET reported: disended stomach, lethargy, drinking water to exess, low red cell count, boring pain causing screeming, 3-4days to see stabisation in condition. 27/09/2004 and hoping.

Beemer Batch--My Red Dooberman wrote:

Hello, I have a Doberman, Beemer that was diagnosed with Diabetes today. She has been losing her balance and during the last month has lost almost all her muscle. (Ketosis due to excessive sugar levels). She is 10 or 11 and for a Doberman this seems to be very old. I know she is almost blind. She went to surgery for a fatty tumor 3 months ago, after the surgery she was very very sick. About 2 weeks ago my wife put her on a strong regime of GLUCOSOMINE/CONDROITEN SUPPLEMENTS. I fear now that the combination of these two events has triggered this very severe case of Diab. I am torn now, I fear I am being selfish by forcing these Insulin shots on my very old dog that is now blind and unhappy. Getting her levels balanced will be a process it sounds like and if the end result is a blind, lethargic, stiff, depressed Beemer is this the humane thing to do?. I appreciate all those who have told their story.

Debbie Turnbull wrote:

Our Keeshound, Belle, was diagnosed with diabetes over two years ago - she is eleven years old. I give her two injections a day (6 mm). I have four other dogs, making it doubly important to keep track of her food intake. She is fed a mix of lo-fat Science Diet and lo-fat kibble. As a treat, she will eat broccoli. She loves carrots, but I restrict them because of the carbos. Her weight is good. I do not know if her sight-loss is typical of an aging dog, or because of her diabetes. Should I consider surgery, or let her adjust to her ongoing blindness?

suzie wrote:

high quality bilberry EXTRACT [1.1] has helped stabilise my jack. you can order it from a registered herbal practitioner in a ltr bottle it is expensive but only a couple of mls a day is needed. shop around

pru wrote:

gloria you could have the cattaracts removed but they may grow back, my boy lost his sight 6 years ago due to cataracts and lives a very full life, in fact it bothers him very little .once your boy adapts im sure he will be fine

pru wrote:

extreme weather or stress can have a marked effect.

Gloria wrote:

Now my comment is more of a question. My dog Major has diabetes. I had him to the vet after a recent incident where he just let loose of his urine on the top of my chair lying across the top. Also on me. When we increased it to four. He seems to be not seeing well. Could this be too much for him. He didn't realize he even did it on me and the chair. That is how I came to find out he had it. He was a rescue dog. I was only to foster but needless to say he loved me too much.I worked very hard at the marking issue. Then one day he just went in front of me no leg got lifted.He didn't even no it. I believe this rescue had to no about the condition. I could have been treating him all along. What a mess. Is there something I can do about the cataract's??

Amy wrote:

My six year old beagle was attacked by a couple of large dos a couple of weeks ago. Her arm was injured and my vet put her on prednisone to reduse the swelling. Apperently, Dixie had diabites-and the pred caused her blood sugar to skyrocket. Over the weekend she went blind. Dixie has always been a "free spirit" -We live behind a church-and our Dixie was a faithful "member" I could not bear to see her be housebound when she loved chasing squirells and rabbits-playing with the kids-and running after my two boys on their bikes. I made the hard decision to put her to sleep. I am heartbroken. I feel like if I was to opt. for treatment it would be more for me than for her. I cant believe she is gone. She was a good dog.

pthg wrote:

why do some dibetes lose alot of wiefght

dee wrote:

recently my dog shelby has been diagnost w/ diabetes. drank water, weight gain than loss 'extremely', urinated more and started to in the house. we immediatley started n human insillin twice a day, 5units to 6 - to - 7 - to 9 - to 6 again. seemed hard to regualte. still is. we started noticing her acting, what we thought was good, hyper like a pup again but her skin looked funny and she trembls periodically. she now has been diagnost with 'cushing's' as well. and the cushing desease wont let us regulate shelby/diabetes. once we get the pills/treatment going it helps lower sugar and regulate the diabetes. she too has cataracs, we hope to avoid surgery but will do so in the future if we can afford to. look for things like cushing's if your pet can't regulate the innsulin doses. we give stricked two needles/meals a day. get a vet petfood brand with 'chromium' (i think thats the ingredient) which helps cells take insullin, cuz really diabetics are insullin resistan more than insullin lacking production. don't just feed 'chromium' too much hurts too don't forget. always consult/second opinion with vet first is my advice. for diabetes or cushings visit the web site they help. and think outside the box and read about all causes and treatments first. well, this week we start treating shelby with pills for the cushings and hope all goes well. take it day by day, i almost cracked a few times, stress and money that i don't have any more didn't help neither. stay strong i will try as well. any ideas for me please post them, i'll check back in. anyone out there just getting a pup, feed home cooked organic veggie diets to your dog with proper iinstructions from vet, love them , exercise etc.. research of deseases early - find common issues w/breed - keep them stress free - always check in with your vte - know that dogs may come cheap at purchase, but hey can cost lots of time and money in the future the minute anything goes wrong. just some advice i wish i would of had or listend too back in the day. peace!!

Robert Peterson wrote:

My West Highland Terrier, Angus, was diagnosed with diabetes at 7 months of age. He is now 22 months old. He receives 3 units of Humulin L twice a day and 2 cups of DCO dog food twice a day. His blood sugar varies a lot. When playing with other dogs (many hours of exercise) his blood sugar has hit a low of 29 with no other symptoms than hunger. When off his 12 hour feeding schedule or having found food somewhere it rises to 200-300. (He can unzip zippers in backpacks to steal food). His vision is OK at the moment. His Vet and I tried giving him a Tbsp of red wine with meals (studies show it helps with humans) but it showed no real effect after many weeks. (Other studies show that cinnamon may help diabetes. Has anyone tried this?)Angus is a wonderful,loving dog and I keep looking for solutions.

ellie7 wrote:

We just found out 2 days ago that my 7 and a half year old yellow lab Charlie has diabetes. Now pretty much over night has seemed to go almost completely blind. My heart is breaking, he is my baby. I have really been feeling alone. Finding this site, I cannot believe how many of you out there are going through the same thing. Thank you all for sharing your heart felt stories. It is comforting to know that we are not alone. Charlie seems to be doing alright. The vet just started him on 20 units a day of insulin. I know that we have a long way to go before we can get things regulated.

pat wrote:

they should eat dco food and wet food that does not contain sugar. do not use steroids. they can adjust the blood sugar levels.

jaamacciro wrote:

three years ago my doctor told me that ifeel dibetes desease,since that my l eft eye was blind and i can see nothing. so iwould like to ask how i cansurgery my left eye.

HeidiHo wrote:

Won't eat food without "toppings", even then very fussy. So, sometimes goes without eating.







The light of my life Lucie Blue my 12 year old white lab was diagnosed with diabetes a year ago. She is on 19 units of humulin N and lost her site just after Christmas. Neither of 2 vets mentioned that cataracs were imminent or that diabetes would most likely cause irritation to the eye. I noticed the whites of her eyes were very red and after the blindness set in we went to an optomologist. He immediately put her on Diclofenac drops to releive some of the eye inflamation and discomfort known to occur when diabetic with cateracs. Glaucoma is also very likely and can come on as suddenly as the cataracs causing severe discomfort. I am beside myself with her quality of life, the first of December and everyday of her life was chasing plastic golf balls, frisbies, sticks and swimming in our creek every nearly warm day for 12 years. Now she bumps around the house and won't play or swim but still wagging the little sweet heart that she is. Please be aware of the additional eye problems that go along with diabetes and cataracs. She is not a good candidate for surgery but I have a call into the eye doctor to ask what can be the worst thing to happen if we try it.

Laura wrote:

Help! A friend's daughter has a little Chihuahua puppy that was diagnosed today with diabetes after the little dog fell unconscious with a low blood sugar. The 21 yr old owner is just starting out and doesn't have a lot of money for expensive vet bills - is there anything encouraging to offerher? The idea of an ill dog that is doomed to go blind after endless vet bills and daily needle sticks sounds so hopeless.

ELR wrote:

Learning of my dog's diabeties in August and having to subject her to a luxating patella operation as well as a partially ruptured acl fix because of her inability to walk has set me wondering about the glucosimine supplement prescribed to aid her after surgery. In calling the company I was told that glucosomine is harmless to the diabetetic dog since it does not revert back to sugar in the body. However, I have just read this comment by Nancy re: posting warnings that insulin dependent humans and canines SHOULD NEVER BE GIVEN GLUCOSOMINE SUPPLEMENTS as stated by Prevention Magazine and the Diabetic Web. Where does the truth lie. Looking to do right. Which piece of info. is correct?I might add to complicate matters, my dog has recently developed cataracts. I shall know for sure on Monday after my visit to the opthomologist. And the plot begins to thicken. Any solid advice on all of the above. Thank you.

NANCY wrote:

I was shocked to find that glucosomine inhibits the absorption of insulin in both canines and humans alike. Prevention Magazine and the Diabetic web sites for canines are now posting warnings that insulin dependent humans and canines SHOULD NEVER BE GIVEN GLUCOSOMINE SUPPLEMENTS. Be on the alert for "senior" dog foods as many are now adding glucosmine to dog food.

kathy wrote:

Our dog Sabrina was our first dog and we love her so much. She was diagnosed with diabeties and hypothyroidism about six months ago and now she is starting to go blind due to catarax. We want to get the surgrey however, I have come to find out that it costs $2800 just for the surgery. Your site has helped me to realize that maybe we don't have to go into debt and that our dog will still be happy even if we cannot afford the surgery. I suggest to all the people that can't get there dog's blood sugar stabalized to have the vet check there thyroid level. We could not get Sabrina's blood sugar level stable until she started the thyroid pills. Thank you.

Kathy wrote:

Hypothyroid that has not been diagnosed

terri wrote:

Leah,my 9yr old shep mix, was diagnosed in april. She was an oddity as she never had the over eating or drinking normally associated with diabetes. We've had problems regulating her, she seems to fluctuate so much on her urine tests.We give her the same food every day and try to exercise her the same (when she's not too lazy)but she'll be high for several tests and then drop low. Her general attitude stays the same though,lazy but friendly,tolerates the cats and runs with them a little, but doesn't have the same get up and go she used to. Does anyone out there have a tip for me? What questions have you asked your vet I might not have? Is there something that's working for you we haven't tried? Are you cooking for your dog or feeding commercial food? Thanks for the site and any input I can get! Terri

Mary Jo wrote:

My little chihuahua Dino was diagnosed with diabetes in April 2003. She's been doing great with the insulin, although she's a little leery of the needle at times. In June she had cataract surgery and since then, she's been a whole new dog. She's much more confident around the house and isn't afraid to go outside anymore. There were a few insulin titrations issues following surgery due to some of the meds she had to use. I highly recommend getting the eye surgery done, IF your dog is a good candidate for surgery and you can afford to shell out the $$ for surgery and the meds afterwards.

T.C. wrote:

I have found the best way to regulate my Mini Schnauzer (Bubba) diabetes to be on a regular schedule...You have to be dedicated to your little friend...I always make sure he eats in the morning at a certain time (7 days a week) and at snacks in between...If you adjust to a routine it helps so much...I don't do things after work like I used to because I know I have a responsibility to take care of at home. Bubba has just become completely blind over the past few months...His brother is very good about helping him...I am adjusting to him being blind and he is very happy...I know another that helps with diabetes is to have their blood checked about every 3 or 4 weeks...This helps to regulate their insulin...The only problem I have had is one night he had a seizure...His blood sugar was very very low...He went stiff and then went limp...I thought I had lost him and he came around and looked like he had been out drinking with the boys...I rushed him to my emergency vet at 1am and she got his sugar regulated and has been fine since...Another thing I do is buy a new bottle of insulin after about 100 sticks because with that many sticks it can cause bacteria....I love both my schnauzers dearly and having one sick and blind makes you appreciate having a healthy dog...I just urge owners with diabetic animals to have a schedule and stick to it....It will make all the difference in the world... Thanks for your great site. wrote:

My little Dakota Lynn....has been blind for 2 weeks due to Diabetes/Cataracts., It has happen soooooooo fast. She is controled with Diet/insulin, and I will take her to a Opthamologist in July., in hopes that she will be a candidate for surgery....I know the effects of this dreadful disease, as this is part of my occupation, and also members of my family are diabetic.... I read all comments, and try to incorporate them into my present.... visually impaired little pooch. Thanks..Debra

Ava Bretzik wrote:

We have a black lab, Bullet, she is our life. We almost lost her when she was two because she was bit by a rattlesnake. We got through that and I thought okay she had her bad time, she will be okay from now on. She was always overweight no matter how many walks and "diets" we put her on then one day she started losing weight and drinking so much water and started to lose her hair. We took her to her vet and she took blood. Her blood sugar was 498 and we started her on Humilin N - 15 units twice a day. We can only get the blood sugar down to 252 but she is happier then ever and we still go to the vet every week. Now she is running into things and the vet said that it is her eyes and that she has no vision at night and slight vision during the day when the sun is out. I am sure that she will adjust, since I used to have a Boston Terrier that was blind for many years. My husband is very upset because he considers her "his dog" since she loves him the best. We will get through this I am sure. I just can not believe that so many dogs have diabetes. Thank you for your site, it helped.

pattie wallace wrote:

my german shepard Hunter was diagnosed with diabeties six months ago. We see a wonderful vet who is so compassionate. Hunter is insulin resistant. he has had many glucose curves and his blood taken almost every week but we still can not get his sugar under 400 and he is on 32 units twice a day. My vet had told me that Hunter would go blind and that it could happen at any time. I usually play ball with him when I get home from work. last week I noticed that he didn'n see the ball any more it just bounced off hhis nose. yesterday I went to give him a biscut I gave it to him and then put my hand down to pet him and because I usually give him a second biscut he went to bite it out of my empty hand. I felt so bad because when he realized he almost bit me he looked so upset. I went to give him the second biscut and he cautiously sniffed his way to my hand and did not try to take in until it touched his nose. I realize that it seems like overnight he is completely blind. Hunter is my first dog and my baby. I have no children. He is so inteligent when I trained him my trainor said he could have been a champion working dog because of his ability to learn and comunicate quickly. anyway my problem now is He is so protective that he is starting to bark at shadows and noises that are nothing. He has always been a very spoiled house dog.he's dealing with his problems fine He comes to me when its tome for his shots. He still manages to help himself to icecubes from the ice maker. I need help to stop him from thinking he's still in charge of protecting me or I'll never get a full nights sleep again. any sugestions?

Gail Gilbert wrote:

Our dog Kedo a 10 year old husky was diagnosed with diabetes in early December. At first I cried and thought I would have to put him down, because we are just an average family with not alot of money or vets. I decided to contact a mobile vet we have in our town. He has been so very helpful and works with us. Kedo receives 2 shots daily of 10 units of Humilin N. His blood sugar readings are still not as regulated as we would like, but it is better. This past weekend, we noticed him to be bumping into things and then he fell into our pool 2x on Saturday. That's when we realized our dog is going blind. I just didn't think this disease would be so ravishing on his body. Reading these stories to know other pet owners are experiencing similar feelings and thoughts about their animals is encouraging to me. Thank you for having this site available. wrote:

I've had my dog megan since I was in 1st year at school (I am now 21), So when I found out she had diabetes I did everything I could to stablize her at the vets - 300 later I think shes happy and stable. But her eyes have clouded over (like she is going blind) and she has lost alot of weight. I don't know what to do, I think its unfair to put her through the hassle of the vets again (had been going for months trying to stabilize her... eventually was assigned to one vet!) + I don't believe in putting her down, I'm in a rut - she's going to need more insulin in a few weeks, shes seems not happy like she usually is but Does not seem to be suffering! To top it off, shes on 16Units of insulin a day!! - should that not be split into 2 doses! Sorry about the ramble I love my dog so much it hurts! ;)

Laurie wrote:

Re: Jazzy, miniature black schnauzer Please contact me (Laurie) at if you have suggestions or can share your own experience with your diabetic/blind dog.

Laurie wrote:

My Jazzy (black mini-schnauzer) recently had a "fatty tumor" removed from an area just under her front arm/leg. The surgery went quite well. Within a month or two, I noticed that she was drinking an inordinate amount of water. I took her back to the vet and she was diagnosed with diabetes. Even with a good appetite, she lost a lot of weight (and she was small to begin with being the runt of the litter.) She went from 5 units of insulin twice per day and is now at 15 units of insulin twice per day!! She lost her sight it seemed overnight. She has put the weight back on but still seems to drink more water than usual. I have brought her to the vet since her diagnosis twice per month to check her glucose (now just under 200). The vet seems to think that she is regulated... even though I tell him that her water intake seems excessive. I cannot imagine that her insulin injections could go higher than 30 units per day! She seems lethargic/depress and has a tendency to find a corner to hide or curl up in. She's only 8 years and was the spunkiest dog you could ever imagine... Insulin injections, her loss of sight is all so very manageable, but her obvious depression just tears me up. I hope there is someone out there who has or is experiencing a similar situation and can tell me if there is something else I can do to help Jazzy. And yes, we rough-house/play/cuddle just as we did before, but she doesn't seem to enjoy the interaction. This hurts so much...

Jo-Ann Bartlett wrote:

I have just lost my best friend 'Shandi'. Shandi has had diabtetes for a number of years and was blind for most of them, she just accepted this and got on with giving of herself to us. She was very happy while she was well and did most things other dogs can do. I am missing her terribly, but I would do it all over again if I have another dog with diabetes.

Anita Davis wrote:

My 13 yearold dog was diagnosed with diabetes about 4 weeks ago. I knew she was sick, but she was ketoacidotic and had lost about 15 pounds in 45 days. We finally got her insulin regulated - 2 shots a day - and she has gained some weight back. However, now she is completely blind, which the vet said was caused by the diabetes. We are in the learning curve on how to handle her blindness, but I think she is handling it better than me. I take her out on a leash and keep her in the house during the day. I am so afraid she will wander off and not find her way back. Since she needs insulin, I don't want her wandering all over the place. Will she ever be able to be let out by herself again? She is just a country dog, been outside all her 13 years. I feel she is plenty happy just being in the cool house right now, but I know she loves being outside too.

Amanda wrote:

uhh.. i dont have a dog wrote:

Thanks for this site. Over the past three days, I've realized the my 7 year old Chihuahua mix is almost totally blind. She had not been herself for a few months. I took her to the doctor and had blood work done twice, however the results were all negative. I took her again to the vet tonight, and this vet said he didn't really know what was wrong. Its very frustrating, but I appreciate reading this page. Its tough seeing her go blind, but I'm hoping I can get a good diagnosis. I'm seeing an opthamologist tomorrow, and hopefully will have better answers. Thanks for your web page.

Tracie Smith wrote:

Our dog Cinnamon has just been diagnosed with diabetes. We had noticed that she had been behaving abnormally for a while, but the vet didn't show much concern when we took her in. He assured us that she was just getting old and the stiffness in her back legs was due to arthritis. Within a month from that visit, she was blind. It seemed to happen overnight. she was lathargic and rapidly losing weight. Again we took her to the vet and seeing the blindness, he agreed to do a blood test.Her glocose was a staggering 598. We immediatly put her on insulin therapy and have had to return many times to get her dosage right. She now takes 18 units of Humulin U twice daily and has leveled out to about a 200 glucose. I've had her for ten years and this has all happened so quickly.I think my vet should have recognized the symptoms. It still breaks my heart to have to give her those shots and I am overwhelmed with guilt that I could have done something to prevent her blindness every time she bumps her head on the table or slips on the stairs. Thank You for making this page. Now I don't feel so alone.

Pamela ( wrote:

I am so glad to have found this site. Our black lab Minty went blind from cataracts overnight last weekend and she has also tsted positive for diabetes. She has started on twice daily insulin and seems to becoming more like herelf today - even wagging her tail! On Sunday last (30/12/01) when we realize she was indeed blind, many tears were shed as we were unsure of her quality of life. As I am in Australia, I searched the Australian websites for information and came up with nothing. I am so thankful that I searched further and found this site. It helps a lot knowing that Minty is not the only one in this situation!

Phoenix wrote:

My dog Corky became a diabetic this year. I knew it before the doctor did. I ask the doctor to run a test for diabetes and he said he did and it came back negative. Corky kept getting worse. I took him back and retested,the Doc said he was definately a diabetic and bad off too. He first put him on Humulin U once a day increasing the dosage 1/2 unit if the urine showed high glucose levels. This was not helping and it wasn't fast enough. I pushed the doctor because Corky was getting worse. He changed him to Humulin N twice a day but the dosage was 8.5 units twice a day and he only weights 10lbs. When the doctor ignored his diarrehea and blood in stool,and also his blindness I took him somewhere else. Needless to say I found two great Doctors. Corky was diagnosed with Pancreatitis,SARDS,and diabetes. I feel like I had to share this because I feel if I would have kept him at that one vets I would have lost him and maybe you are going through the same thing right now. Don't be afraid to get a second opinion. Corky is doing fine now his pancreatitis is under control. He seems to be coping with his blindness and still rules the roost. His diabetes is under control also. He is taking 6 units of Humulin N twice a day. I hope his good health continues and I hope this somewhat long story will help you and yours.

nese akkerman wrote:

my dog nicky has been a diabetic for two yearsd and she is doing well with two insulin shots a day and low fat diet she is 12 years old and although the vets in turkey said she should be put down two years ago she is doing very well and is happy as she was at 1years old she is blind but that doesnt stop her happy self from going any where she likes in the house and garden.

Peggy wrote:

My dog KD was diagnosed with diabetes in August 1998. She has two shots a day of insulin and is on a low fat diet. Diabetic cataracts caused her to go blind but she has adjusted well to this situation and with the help of a Dave & Pepe hoop is happy and as active as you would expect of a 16 year old dog.