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Please add your comments about blind dog toys here

Rudy wrote:

I am looking for a pink hedgehog/porcupine latex squeak toy by Lanco. It is my dogs favorite toy and I can't find it anywhere. I even emailed Lanco...They never responded.

tazamo wrote:

try looking in the baby section of your local dept store for toys for you blind critters. most of them have bells or beads or make noises of some kind. my blind feist's (jack/rat terrier) favorite it a clear hard plastic med. size ball that has tumbling beads. He will chase it all over our fenced yard and loves it!!

chancer wrote:

hi. i am a 8yr rottie nearly blind now.i like all toys particulary my mate woof the whippet also 8yr.i follow him around and steal all his toys.but my favorite is a good knuckle bone i can find it anywhere my sense of smell is great.

talitteral wrote:

am looking for a rabbit squeak dog toy made by lanco. Out shi-tzu is attached and her toy is almost gone

sophie wrote:

i hate it where u cant even find toy dogs for kids its so ***

Mary Jo wrote:

I am looking for a latex rat dog toy made by lanco. My shitzu/bichon is attached to it and we can not find a new one anywhere. The toy is on it's last life. It is a gray rat that is wearing a leather vest, has in earring in his left (?) ear and is sticking out one of it's fingers. It is an obscene toy but she loves it. Please help me find this toy, I am desperate.

Terri wrote:

I'm looking for a smiley face ball that giggles..."Sugar" had one for 2 years and carried it everywhere with her purse! It has been sewn, repaired, laundered...and it's time to toss it out...but I really need to replace it and haven't been able to find another one....any idea where I might find one?

Dee wrote:

Sparky is also deaf. We need a helmet to protect her head when she bumps into things. Where can I find something like that?

valkyrie1978 wrote:

In the UK, most pet stores (I know pets at home do) sell rubber balls and dumbells which have little bells in them. They're absolutely fantastic for rolling in the field. My dog (completely blind) has no problem fetching them back.

seth henderson wrote:

I have a 3 year old, female yellow lab who recently lost sight in both eyes from an unknown genetic flaw. She was used to running everyday and hiking in the mountains and the last six months has been rougher on me than I think on her. I have tried everything (giggle balls and smelly scented balls) to help get her mobility back and then I ran across the Boingo Ball at Petsmart. After last night I saw how responsive she was to the Boingo Ball so I took the ball to the park today and for the first time in six months I saw my best friend run in a dead sprint after the ball; she could hear it the entire time and never lost confidence. It was amazing! People honestly did not know my dog was blind! I am not talking about a little 10 yard run, she was running in a straight line for 75-100 yards full speed! Remember she is totally blind, she cannot see shapes or light of any sort! I was nearly in tears! This was so amazing that I went back to the store today and purchased another ball so she can have an inside and outside ball.

florence m angelo wrote:

my daughter has had these balls; islooking for more

Baby wrote:

I am a 14 year-old deaf and now blind dog. I am adjusting well. But my owner is looking for a good way to play with me. Any suggestions?

uy wrote:


anas wrote:


feroze wrote:

my hampster has become thin and skinny and doesnt eat anyfood

Chris Collins wrote:

We have a labrador with PRA and are looking for a ball with a buzzer in it to play (fetch the ball) in the wide open areas of the New Forest in Southern England where we live, any ideas on where we can get such a thing?

hoss33 wrote:

it was great, i enjoyed it!

sandy wrote:

I received a latex pig for my rat terrier, and it is about 18 inches long. Walmart stores used to sell them, but they no longer have them. Where can I find one?

kim wrote:

they need to put hampster toys and so other things about hampsters on her how to take care of hampsters thank you senicerly kim

Sandy Saran wrote:

My dog is going blinded and I can't find balls that make sound when roll it!!!! Please Help!!!! Thanks!!!!

Silly Jilly wrote:

my dawgy has become blind 3 weeks ago and he's being very inactive. are there any recommended tricks or toys for him?

Barb wrote:

Hi. I'm also looking for the smiley face ball that giggles. Where can I find one?

rubbercx wrote:

O am looking for a latex chicken toy for my dog

Johnna wrote:

Blind dogs need somthing soft and squeeky.

Laurie wrote:

Hi I have a 3 year old Dachsund mix and he loves to chew up my blinds when I leave. I don't know how to stop it. I've tried him on medication. But its not working. I even bought him a crate but sometimes my parents forget to put him up. What should I do.

Sophie wrote:

Check with PETCO for different toys you are looking for.

Tooki wrote:

Please help me find a latex/rubber squeaky blue chicken. When I was little, my friend had a blue squeaky chicken that he threw for his dog. There is every color and creature available now and I still can't find one. Whenever I get a chance to go to a city, I look...I've been looking for 12 years but I still tell my dog that I will find a BLUE CHICKEN. HELP!!!!!!

Sharon wrote:

Thanks to this site I have learned about blinds dogs. It was great to know that when your dogs gets used to being blind they go back to there old reuteen . that is just what CHOO CHOO has done. he is his old self, thaks so much. Sharon cnd Choo Choo

SANDY wrote:


maureem wrote:

vincent always liked fetching a tennis ball after i threw it a long distance now he is content with a deflated old football which he plays with for hours on end

Esars wrote:

stuffed hot dog toy. can you help me find one?

bobbytails wrote:

Molly's favourite toy is a squeeky latex ball. Because it is latex it seem's flimsy but the truth is that it has no resistance to the dogs teeth, so they can't actually puncture it. Molly is young and runs a lot despite being blind. When the ball is kicked for her it obviously makes a faint noise so she can follow and find it. We always get a bright color, not for her, she can't see, but so that WE can find it! This ball also withstands the other 3 Old English in the house because they sometimes forget themselves (they know it's Molly's ball!) and then we have a tug of war! The only time we have to replace it is when naughty mummy forgets to bring it in at night and the fox steals it !! woof, Mollly and the boys (but the boys don't have their own web site !) Molly ~

Phoenix wrote:

My dog Corky use to keep his tennis ball with him like a baby keeps its pacifyer or blanket. When he got SARDS he got very depressed so I went to PetsMart to look for a tennis ball with a bell in it and found one. Let's just say he is my old Corky again. As long as his big sister Aurora(siberian Husky) stops taking the bell out of them. Don't worry I always keep extras hidden. He never seems to be without one. Maybe this can help some other sad puppy out there.

Bridget wrote:

Bridget is an Italian Greyhound weighing about 9lbs soaking wet. She is 5 years old and loved a new toy that looks like a tennis ball with a smiley face and giggles when it rolls or she runs with it. Can you help me find one.

Jim and Taylor wrote:

We want a dog ring and a hampster ball and possibly another noise ball and/or other doggie toys for our recently blinded toy fox terrier.

Whitey wrote:

Our chocolate lab loves to play "fetch the stick" in lakes. She can no longer see the stick. Does anyone know where we can purchase a stick, frisbee or similar toy that floats and sends out a sound or signal?

nickmason wrote:

tennis tugger dog toy

Dwayne Anthony Moore Junior wrote:

How does go-pep cost

Karen wrote:

I just got something from Igive. is having a buy one, get one free on certain items. One of them is flavored tennis balls. 4 different flavors, and they are scented. Here is the link:

Historic wrote:

Tyler has never been one to play with actually toys since he was a puppy-so I don't have anything to contribute here. He does like to play with you--when we tease him mostly and chase him-he does still try to play chase

Historic wrote:

Buddy's always liked balls of all shapes and sizes. Now that he's blind, he prefers his plastic squeak yellow one(softball size) Somehow he's hung onto it for years! He carries it around like his "cigarette"...LOVES it!

Historic wrote:

Lola (my sighted Cairn/jack Russell mix) however, is the toy queen. She is CRAZY about anything stuffed, of course, she likes them best when the stuffing is out all around the house. We don't throw them out, she'll play with them no matter what condition they are in. Some are unrecognizable as anything at all other than a rag. They all have names and she knows them all by name and will bring them to you if you tell her to get a specific toy. No kidding. We have: old duck, new duck, bunny, pig, monkey, elephant, platypus and cow. We also had dark brown bear and light brown bear but they ran away and left no forwarding address. We think the couch ate them. Lola nuzzles them and sucks on them when she sleeps. She also greets you with a toy as you enter the house. She really is quite pathetic. It truely is hysterical to watch

Historic wrote:

Nicky LOVES tennis balls. Its almost an unhealthy fascination. He used to love to play catch and was amazing at being able to find a tennis ball ANYWHERE. I have the balls with the bells in them and he does like them but not as much since he lost his sight. He does love anything rubber/plastic with a squeaky in it. However, they only last about an hour before he's chewed them up. Also loves rawhide bones but only gets them for very short periods of time when I can watch him.

Historic wrote:

Tres-Seay's favotite toys are "white stuffed ducks" and stuffed carrots and eggplants, and peanutbutter bones. Sparkle likes things that squeek and likes to retreave. Of course Tres-seay's very favorite is Squirles and Moles, snakes and Bull Frogs

Historic wrote:

Gidget used to have a favorite rubber frog, she loved to run around with it in her mouth with the legs all hanging out. She also has a small stuffed monkey that squeals when you throw it or squeeze it. However, since becoming blind the only thing she really likes is chewing on REAL bones (cooked hard, round bones), lying in the sun, and being held by mom.

Historic wrote:

I have tried everything I know of, every toy available, even tuggies, and she shows no interest. Just a day ago I got a Wiggle-giggle ball (on the terms I could bring it back - at 20 dollars! - If she showed no interest.) Well, she cocked her head, then sniffed it and no further interest, so I took it back. She loves Nylabone CARROT bones, NONE of the others, but she can polish one off in an hour or so, thus I have to limit her to one every week or two and let her have it 10 to 20 min. at a time only. Her pleasure is belly rubs and message, and company which she KNOWS has come to see her and tug with her. She immediately takes her tuggy blanket to them but will not bring it to me. I am her "mommy" to pamper her, not her playmate - tee hee. I have a feeling she did not get to play much in her only other home (wouldn't she remember the feel of a ball and know what she did with it before?)

Historic wrote:

I think the people I rescued Goldie from started breeding her as soon as she was old enough so she doesn't really play, her whole joy in life is to be as close to me as she can get at all times. She does like raw hide chews.

Historic wrote:

Maedchen has always loved & still does my husband old worn socks UGH. When she is in his room she will seek them out & entices him to play tug-o-war with him. Her next favorite are her old sweaters which she also uses in the same manner. Those I would say are her favorites . New toys only interest her for a minute & then back to the old stuff. Her toybox is full to the brim, it would be the envy of many children.She hops in it once in awhile & sits on them like a Queen on her Throne. She also loves to use her doggie cookies on us,to give her a reason to growl, and she dares us like crazy to take it away from her. When we get our hand too close to her cookie she turns her head the other way and hops off and around & around it goes. She comes right back for more. Just writing this I realize how much she acually does, to still have fun. Sometimes through sadness you dont really see the good things

Historic wrote:

Sterling's favorite toy is Trixie's ears. She loves to sneak up on Trixie, grab an ear, and run. Needless to say, this is NOT Trixie's favorite game. When I adopted Benji, he introduced Sterling to rawhide chews and now those disgusting things are all over the house, including one that was in my shoe this morning. ARRGGHH ;-)

Historic wrote:

Pippy was never really into toys, she had a big stuffed bear and a moose that she used to tear the stuffing out of but she gave those up shortly after she became blind. After she became blindness, she took a liking (or a hating) to battery operated TOYS! Any toys the grandkids tried to play with, she would KILL!! As a matter of fact, she still does. We limit her exposure to these toys, as she gets soooo excited and worked up, I am truly afraid she will have a heart attack or stroke. We let her "kill" for only about 10 minutes. The kids have a hot wheels race track, and the minute that dog "hears" the cars, she goes totally nuts, tail wagging, and attacks the bad toy! It is a riot to watch!

Historic wrote:

Kate likes stuffed things she can chew up, but has never liked other toys a great deal. She will play tug -- with a rubber tugger, or sock or mocassin. She mostly likes what she liked before losing her sight -- outdoor doors -- sticks, deer, woodchucks, opossums. Losing her sight has not slowed her down much in terms of chasing things! Last summer on a hike, she took off six times chasing partridges! She can still catch things, too, I discovered, when she came out of the bushes one night with a woodchuck, and another night with an opossum. (Interesting -- the woodchuck had been caught by something before, he only had one eye (Kate didn't do it, it was healed over!). I wanted to get a picture of the one eyed dog with the one eyed woodchuck . . . Both the possum and chuck lived, incidentally -- I caught them and let them go, and they seemed fine.)

Historic wrote:

Daisy is only interested in food and pats

Historic wrote:

Madison is "a bubble" when it comes to toys. His favorite is his stuffed bunny. He takes it with him when he needs a security blanket

Historic wrote:

Chelsey has never been a dog that loves to play. She's always been more into getting some kind of physical attention. When she does play it's always with a squeaky, fuzzy, stuffed animal type of toy. What she loves to do now is to just roll on the toy. I don't know what she gets out of that but I guess it's different strokes for different folks. She does like to just walk around with the fuzzy toys in her mouth just to torment Sherlock who really LOVES to play with them. I have all kinds of those toys in various places all over the house. They're all in different degrees of disarray. As soon as the stuffing comes out of the toy I toss them and replace them.

Historic wrote:

Scooter isn't big on toys. I suppose I'm his favorite (only). Maybe I should count his hoop

Historic wrote:

My Sammie isn't really fond of toys. She came to me at 11 years old, blind for only three months, and just not very playful. But she has discovered Nylabone Dental Dinos--hard nylon chews shaped like dinosaurs. She chews on these every now and then. I bought her a Kong, but she remains singularly unimpressed. I told her that Pepe loved his kong, but all she did was grunt and mutter something that I can't print for mixed company. Her favorite activity is chewing and sniffing grass. Sammie says she fears she isn't very exciting.

Historic wrote:

I like silly slammers,stuffed toys and balls with bells.The stuffed toys and slammers are good because I can play tug of war with the other dogs or my mom

Historic wrote:

Dixie likes stuffed toys that squeak. This Christmas we added a stuffed frog that ribits

Historic wrote:

Sam likes the tennis balls with bells in them. He also likes the Look who's talking stuffed animals (available through pet warehouse on line)-because the sounds they make repeat a few times before they shut off, so you can squeeze it and throw it and he can locate it by sound. Also his watering can- a homemade buster cube type of toy

Historic wrote:

Amelia's favorite toy is a plastic Snowman that squeaks. When it squeaks, it blows air from a hole on the bottom of the toy. I squeak it and blow the air right in to her face (or she will be playing with it and the hole is pointing in her face and she squeaks it and the air blows in her face.) She goes crazy! Growling and barking. She loves it!

Historic wrote:

As for toys, how about balls w/bells inside of them. Also, any toy that makes noise. I'd be interested to even see what else is out there that other people would recommend

Historic wrote:

Favorite blind dog toy to date: the small rubber ball with the bell in it, the tennis ball with the bell in it

Historic wrote:

I found Jingle balls, tennis balls with bells in them. Ray loves them. Actually, so does Sasha. They're sold at