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Please add your comments about vets here

sarah Adkins wrote:

What you should do when your dog gets stitches

Kelly wrote:

Is a dog colared blind? How do you know? The reason I am asking this is because I am doing a science fair project

Amy Lynn Picco wrote:

vets are the best people in the world

Kristy wrote:

I am looking for a vet opthamologist in Connecticut. Can anyone help?

Holly wrote:

I'm trying to find out the location and name of Dr. Miller's clinic in Memphis, so I don't have comments about the site yet becuase I haven't been able to use it.

Andrew Holenchuk wrote:

Our vet is the best!! Dr.Shaw & Dr.Welland in Victoria. Do you know of any Opthomologist? We have been researching as much as I can regarding Cherry Eye since my 6 month old Bullmastiff had this surgically repaired. Do you have any more information on Cherry Eye and is Cherry Eye Hereditary/Genetic? Thanks Andrew

darlene wrote:

a wonderful cat , we had has passed away!...her name was maggy! she was the most!....gentle cat i have ever know( i have 6 cats still) she went through a urnunary stone removal! was to be fine, didnt last less the 48 hrs after the operation!...i am very angry! the vet, for 1st not even telling me there could be a problem!...

Jean from the Center of Michigan wrote:

Our 2 year old Ger. Shep./Collie got loose and came back the next afternoon with his eyes swollen and scratched up. He is not able to see now. The vet thought an animal attacked him, now he thinks after 10 days, that he may have been sprayed with something. His one eye is now milky white and the other is cloudy. Antibotic creams and pills have been dispensed. Is there hope of his eyes ever returning back, or is it hopeless. We don't have alot of money, but we love our Buddy and would pay payments or something if we could help get his sight back. I am desperate for information on this.

Jodi wrote:

I am looking for an eye doctor to treat entropion in my Rottie in Central NY.

nay nay wrote:

I cannot fathom a vet that would demand payment before seeing any animal, I have had 2 bad experiences with local vets after moving 12 miles away from my previous one, I have since gone back to him and he was able to have a surgeon come to his office and repair my Akitas' blown knee.I will never go to another vet and if anyone is ever in need of a really terrific vet in the Owosso Michigan area checkout Dr. Rangi @ Pinecrest Animal Hospital.I would also like to say that I am sorry for the loss of your cat and wished that neither of had to go through that.

Bambi Tuckey wrote:

Hello: This story is not about a dog; blind or sighted. BUT, after reading the posts, I thought I would post. Two days ago, my cat suddenly had SEVERE pain. I had NO idea what was wrong. He was an indoor cat, up-to-date on vaccines, neutered, and fine. I phoned the vet who neutered him and informed them that there had to be something VERY wrong. I was told, "The vet can not see your cat unless you can pay in full TODAY." I never owed him any money! My cat's pain became unbearable and I was hysterical. I phoned them again and PLEADED with them to see him. Again, not unless I had ALL the almighty dollars with me. I phoned other vets; they refused because my cat wasn't a regular patient. My cat died a very SLOW and EXTREMELY PAINFUL death in my kitchen. NOTHING can justify this! NOTHING!!! I live in PA, and can not afford an attorney. Any suggestions? God bless all of you.

danielle wrote:

i think vets are cool but some are really out of order they pull the animals about and scrag them mabe even hurt them. some aren't all bad i won't be.

Mary Harley's Mom wrote:

Re: specialist in Arkansas Dr. Miller sees patients in Memphis. I believe he also has some office time in Little Rock & Jackson MS. Harley, our pound puppy cocker sees him. He's very good with the animals and no nonsense or beating around the bushes with the owners.

lisa wrote:

Why is it so hard to find an opthamologist for my dog??? I'm in Medford, Oregon if anyone has a vet to suggest. thanks.

lori wrote:

i need a opthamologists for my dog in the illinois or northwest, in . area

lori wrote:

i need a opthamologists for my dog in the illinois or northwest, in . area

Vet Tech wrote:

Merdeka It is upsetting to here comments like this, but unfortunatly Vets like this do exist,even though it is mandatory for vets to do continuing edu.every year. Mors states than not also have vet techs do the same. Those thatdo not,are all trying to pass those laws. I live in one of those state,and have a full edu.for this career,and hope that the law is passed.Then those people off the street cannot do my job w/o schooling. If you are ever not happy with the vet you see,always know you have the right to a second opinion..All the good vets out there will respect that. Very sorry for your loss.

Jessie wrote:

Lucy, Chronic ear infections can occur from allergies. Many breeds are prone to this. Have you done a hypoallergenic food trial? This means feeding a prescription food for at least 6 weeks.NOTHING treats,no table food,nothing.Sometimes it's trial and error to find the right food for your pet, but when you find it,it usually does the trick. And can many times bring relief to your painful pet! wrote:

took my dog to vet she wasnt seeing well barely at all it was over night vet ran blood work everything looked great they dint see galucoma or cataracs and had no reason why this happened what else can i do?

Seairra Sidebottom wrote:

i need to have all of the info on vets that you can give me i want to be a vet but i can't find any info on it can you send me infomation? Thank you i live at 1606 McCormick Ave Washington In 47501

larry's mom ny wrote:

larry's vision is getting really bad he is a mutt, both eyes have cateracts. he now has difficulty going down stairs. the closest vet is in ct and we live in westchecter ny.

Merdeka wrote:

the vet who handled my dearest and precious dog's last sickness displayed such appaling negligence that it resulted in his death.He also displayed a totally unacceptable level of vet science that I know that immediate legislation must be passed to demand that all vets and vet techs undergo mandatory continuing education each and every year.I believe that this vet and his type should be penalized severly for the hell that we are going through.

rachel wrote:

I have all ways one ted to be a vet

Shelly wrote:

Looking for a canine opthamologist in the Atlanta area for a 2nd opinion on recently diagnosed cataracts in my Yorkie.

Carole wrote:

There is a very good canine opthamologist in Monroeville, PA Staci. I have gone to him several times for my blind sheltie. E-mail me at and I will give you the particulars. Are you sure the deposits are calcium? They may be cholesteroldeposits.

stasi wrote:

i have a two year old sheltie with calcium deposits on his eyes. i need to know of treatment and of a canine opthamologist near pittsburgh, pa.\

morgan wrote:

i love my dog very much .but i don't have the money. will you please help!! i'm only ten years old and no one help makes me very sad to think about it. if you will help please e mail me

morgan wrote:

i love my dog very much. but i don't have the money. will you help me pay the money. i;m only 10 years old so no one will help me.

Jeanne wrote:

Does anyone know the name of a canine opthamologist in New York or Connecticut? If so, please email

Lucy wrote:

Both of our dogs (a blacl lab and a semi- Australian shepard) have had CHRONIC ear infections. We just moved to Fairfield, Ca., so we need a vet. Beyond that has anyone had any success in getting rid of ear infections? We've treated our dogs for YEARS - the infection never seems to be 100% cured. Any help would be greatly appreciated by both of our friends!

Bill wrote:

I have a 12 yr old corgi with and indolent eye ulcer that won't heal despite sewn eyelids and an elizabethan collar. He has been wearing the collar for six weeks now and in the meantime has had an operation for pyogranulomatous panniculitis. Our vet suggests having his eye removed. He has a heart murmer and a touch of arthritis. Would this be the right way to go? What questions should I be asking?

Claire wrote:

It is important to feel comfortable with your vet. Always ask questions before accepting their final word. Having experienced a serious eye condition with my dog, I have saved her from losing her eyesite from negligence. Vets are people, too, and make mistakes. If you're not satisfied with his/her opinion, do not be afraid to seek another one. Also, research your pet's condition, medicines, so forth. This will save future problems for both you and your pet.

Stasia Spears wrote:

hello please help me, i have two 5 month old pups they are rottweiler/lab mix and i wanted to donate them so they could be trained to help the blind or handicapped. Stasia Spears 373 wilson st bigelow ar 72016 P.S.- MUST BE GONE BY SATURDAY JULY 3.

Melissa wrote:

My vet scheduled the eye removal and then decided that she wasnt getting enough money or something because now she is not going to do it. She wants me to go to all these expensive places and get all this medicine that I can't afford, take more tmie off work and possibly lose my job and that. I am going to take my dog to another vet to see what he says - it is quite frustrating. I know she could lose her other eye as well but I also know from this forum that there are alot of blind dogs in the world! I am trying to find my dog a companion to be her seeing eye dog :)

ann wrote:

I need the names of canine opthamologists in the states surrounding Arkansas. Our Lab has the symptoms of prcd and needs to be examined, but none of these specialists are available in Arkansas. Help!!

Ann wrote:

Our Lab has the symptoms of prcd: night blindness that is progressing to include low-lighting. Net-research leads me to believe this is hopeless, that he will go blind. I would like to take him to an opthamologist but there are none here in Arkansas. Will someone please send me names of any vet-opthamologists in the surrounding states? I will really appreciate it.

Laurie wrote:

Just realized last night my dog couldn't see, took her to an opthalmolic vet....nothing to do......

Courtney Herman wrote:

The reason I wasnt to know is because I am doing a science fair project and I am doing my project o n dogs. And my question would be " can different breeds of dogs react to the same sounds differently and different sounds the same?"

Tetley Doyle wrote:

Hhhmmm. Im not to happy with vets at the moment and neither is my Mum. I think that when you go to a vet and the vet gives you (or your parent) an opinion, you shoul dbe able to rely on that opinion. After all, that's why they were at Vet School for so long. But, in my case, 2 vets said that my and my litter had cataracts when we were 4 weeks old but as time went on, they 'disappeared'. Scary. Obviously, this was a mis-diagnosis, and the outcome has been favourable, but it caused an awful lot of heartache and hard work for my Mum and her helpers in the doggie rescue because they had to set about finding extra special homes for puppies with cataracts.

Dave wrote:

There are good vets, and there are some not so good. An eye vet would be able to diagnose more accuratly, and save money in the long run.