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Please add your comments about vitamins here

Brettzky wrote:

My dog Boo is developing cataracts. She is only 22 months old, apparently no history in this Bichon's decendants of cataracts. It's breaking my heart to see her like this. I live in British Columbia,Canada. I could hardly belive it when I was told the closest place to have cataract surgery done is in Bellingham,Washington,USA. Has anyone heard different?? Apparently there will be facillities and Opthamologist near Vancouver in 6 to 8 months.

Jaime wrote:

My dog is about 7 years old, shes a black lab and has diabetes and blind what can i do to make her happy? she also keeps trying to get out of our fenced in yard. i have no idea on what to do!!!

Mary Chamberlain wrote:

I would like to know if their are any vitamins to help my dogs cataracs.

julie amrhein wrote:

My 13 year old, healthy in all other ways, dog is suffering with hearing lose and cateracts. Is there anything that can be done for the cateracts without any surgerical procedures?

David wrote:

The UK eye drops are the best... They have been on TV and are in the papers. You should be able to get them here. or

Mary wrote:

Recent clinical trials in humans have shown both Zinc and Lutein to have a preventative effect on cataracts. Even though our Jake has retinal degeneration in addition to cataracts, I'm hoping these supplements will give him a few more months.

Sandy Saran wrote:

My dog is 2 years old and he is going blinded. What vitamins should I give him!!!! wrote:

Hello : My eight year old female Schnauzer ( mini ) is starting to develope eye cataracts . Any suggestions ? Thanks , Hank

Robbwww wrote:

Hi, I posted a short message yesterday regarding my Westie named Minnie,who has developed rapid onset cataracts and uvetis. I was wondering if anyone could tell me where I can actually get a hold of vitamin c drops for dogs? I'm willing to give it a shot if it could help my beloved westie. My email address is If you care to email, type in Minnie's eyes in the subject line so I won't delete your email thinking it's spam mail.

Robbwww wrote:

My Westie (6.5yrs)has developed rapid onset cateracts as well as uvetsis. She was prescribed well as atropine oint. She has an all natural diet and my other westie is fine. Any suggestions?

Harriet Toibin wrote:

The vitamins that are important for healthy eyes are the same that have very recently(2001) discovered to retard the progression of macular degeneration in humans: I have recently, just the week before Tony went blind from SARDS, been diagnosed with drusen/pre-cursor of macular degeneration in my right eye and my opthamologist has prescribed the only remedy that has proven to help retard this disease, which causes loss of the central vision: the nutrient supplementation shown to be beneficial contains: VITAMIN C 500 MG; VITAMIN E 400 IU; BETA CAROTENE 15 MG.; ZINC OXIDE 80 MG. Copper as cupric oxide 2mg. (to prevent copper deficiency which may be associated with high zind supplementation) The levels of these antioxidants and zinc that were shown to be effective in slowing AMD'S progression cannot be consumed through your(a human's ) diet alone. These vitamins and minerals are recommended in specific DAILY amounts as supplements to a healthy and balanced diet. When I see Tony's vet opthamologist this week I will find out what dosage Tony should be on or if there is any use in even doing these nutrients: Caroling Levin, with whom I spoke last Thurs. concurred that there defintely a need for Tony or any dog with SARDS to have these nutrients.

bobbytails wrote:

OK, I'll kick this one off ! Vitamin C. The dog produces it's own vitamin C so normally doesn't need any extra in the diet. Vitamin C is destroyed with very little heat. (Not sure how some pet food manufacturer's can claim to have vit c in food, is that before or after heat process ? Maybe someone from pet food company's could enlighten us !!!!) Anyway the point is that Vitamin C is a great healing source. Extra vit c is good when the body has healing to do in times of stress on the body (dogs and humans). Don't forget though that it is also a diuretic ! We have tried it on our dogs and the distress they had (through wetting) as a result was not worth the benefit ! Vitamin C is known to affect diabetes too ! I guess we're saying, be observant ! (Dave, could we have a spell check in these boxes please, I go to pieces in them !) Woof, Molly, Barney, Oscar and Lukass !

Dave wrote:

Test post in vitamins, please add your own.